Environment Friendly Quality Toners
Remanufacturing Toner cartridges reduces waste, and also reduces the need for
raw materials - each laser cartridge that is recycled conserves the equivalent
of approximately one litre of oil.
Over 7 million inkjet and laser toner cartridges are consumed in the UK each year and an estimated 50% of these cartridges are destined for the landfill, each empty cartridge contains residual toner powder, aluminum and a plastic casing. These parts are all non-biodegradable and fill up our landfill sites.
Conserve the environment and SAVE MONEY!!
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  Quan.   Description Price
1.   C3909A BlackHP,Lexmark,Canon,Remanufactured laser toner 15000_pages Order #:RTC3909A
HP Laserjet 5SI,Laserjet 5SIMX,Laserjet 5SINX,Laserjet 8000
Laserjet 8000DN, Laserjet 8000N,Mopier 240,Mopier 320
Canon LBP-2460,LBP-WX,LBP-X,P 550,
2.   C4129X Black HP, Canon Remanufactured laser toner 10000_pages Order #: RTC4129X
Canon FP-300,FP-400,GP-160F,ImageClass 2200,ImageClass 2210
Image Class 2220, ImageClass 2250,LBP-1610,LBP-1620,LBP-1810
HP Laserjet 5000,Laserjet 5000N,Laserjet 5000GN,Laserjet 5100TN,
Laserjet 5100,Laserjet 5100DTN
3.   E30 Black Canon Remanufactured laser toner 4000_ pages Order #: RTE30
4.   FX1 Black Canon Remanufactured laser toner 4000_pages Order #: RTFX1
Canon Fax 3300,Fax 3300i,Fax L3300,Fax L700,Fax L720,,br> Fax L760,Fax L770,Fax L775,Fax L777,Fax L780,Fax L785,
Fax L790,Fax 9550
5.   FX2 Black Canon Remanufactured laser toner 4000_pages Order #: RTFX2
Canon Fax L500,Fax L5000,Fax L550,Fax L5500,Fax L600,Fax L7000,
Fax L7100,Fax L720,Fax L7500,LaserClass 7000,LaserClass 7700
6.   FX3 Black Canon Remanufactured laser toner 5000_pages Order #: RTFX3
Canon L300,CFX-L3400IF,CFX-L4000,CFX-L4500,CFX-L4500IE
CFX-L4500IF,Fax L4600E,Fax L4600,L260I,LaserClass 2050
LaserClass 2050P,LaserClass 2060,LaserClass 2060P
LaserClass 4000
MP L60,Fax L250,Fax L200,Fax L280,Fax MP L90,Fax L360
7.   FX4 Black Canon Remanufactured laser toner 6500_pages Order #: RTFX4
Canon Fax L800,Fax L900,LaserClass 8500,LaserClass 9000,
LaserClass 9000S/MS,LaserClass 9500,LaserClass 9500S/MS
8.   FX6 Black Canon Remanufactured laser toner 8500_pages Order #: RTFX6
Canon Fax L1000,LaserClass 3170,LaserClass 3175,LaserClass 3175MS
9.   FX8 Black Canon Remanufactured laser toner 3500_pages Order #: RTFX8
Canon LaserClass 510,ImageClass D320
All prices in Pounds Sterling

18C0034 Black Lexmark Remanufactured Ink cart. Fill Level:30ml Order #: GRC034
Reg. �12.99
On SALE for only �11.99

18C0035 Colour Lexmark Remanufactured Ink cart. Fill Level:25ml Order #: GR0035
Reg. �13.99
On SALE for only �12.99

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