Over 7 million inkjet and laser toner cartridges are consumed in the UK each year and an estimated 50% of these cartridges are destined for the landfill, each of these cartridges contains residual toner powder, aluminum and a plastic casing. These parts are all non-biodegradable and fill up our landfill sites.
Remanufacturing Toner cartridges reduces waste, and also reduces the need for raw materials - each laser cartridge that is recycled conserves the equivalent of approximately one litre of oil. Toner cartridges for laser printers, photocopiers and plain paper fax machines can't be refilled; however, most types of toner cartridge can be re-manufactured. The cartridges are sent to a factory where they are completely dismantled and cleaned, any worn parts are replaced and then they are refilled with fresh toner.
Ink Jet Cartridges are much simpler items - refilling is more straightforward and can even be done on a DIY basis. Many companies supply the ink and refilling equipment.
Always ensure when buying a new printer that its cartridges can be remanufactured. When sending your cartridges for recycling, protect each cartridge as best you can and pack it away in its original casing or pack away in the covering or box that is removed from the new cartridge.
Remanufacturing of inkjet / toner cartridges
The Supplier for Tristar Toners has modern re-manufacturing facilities, which provide a unique manufacturing service.
Inspection of collected goods
Every inkjet and laser toner cartridge returned to the premises is sorted and then carefully inspected for visual signs of damage.
Cartridges that do not meet the required premium specification are dismantled, and reusable parts are circulated for additional recycling; the remaining unusable components are forwarded to carefully selected specialist brokers who dispose of the damaged goods conscientiously and in an ecologically friendly manner. Occasionally it may not be viable to refill a laser toner cartridge at our premises so the complete unit is returned to the originating manufacturer.
Cartridge internal cleaning
Cartridges passing visual examination are systematically cleaned using state-of-the art technology and equipment.
Each cartridge is then tested, with the aid of advanced electronic testing equipment, to determine the anticipated life-span and quality of electronic circuitry and casing materials.
Each cartridge is weighed to ensure that all ink has been removed from the cartridge and that a maximum ink fill can be achieved.
On completion of the first stage of the quality and cleaning programme each cartridge is meticulously filled with premium grade, quality inks. Utilising both precision manufacturing equipment and vacuum-controlled conditions to enhance and protect the purity of the end product, recycled inkjet and laser toner cartridges of the highest quality are in the making.
Refilled cartridges are examined again visually and electronically. Cartridges are further tested under pressure-controlled conditions to ensure an absolute seal on the unit. Random testing is undertaken to monitor quality control.
After a vigorous and lengthy testing and quality inspection programme, the recycled cartridge is enclosed, under vacuum-controlled conditions, in hermitically sealed, anti-static packaging.
The product is finally placed in uniquely designed, sustainable packaging; clearly labeled, detailing product codes, content and highlighting the need to recycle the product again.

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